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Transform Your Nail Polish Into GEL Polish!

How to Turn Any Regular Nail Polish Into Gel Polish?

Nail polish and nail art has become the current trend worldwide with women from every culture and ethnicities applying nail polishes to enhance the looks of their nails.
One of the common questions which everyone has is that how can one turn any regular nail polish into a long lasting shiny gel polish?

It can now be done so easily with Pottle. Pottle can utilize any standard nail polish to make your custom gel hues.

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What's a Pottle?


  • Pottle is a patented packaging solution that allows beauty enthusiasts to repackage and create custom nail polish or gel polish colors from different brands.

  • With a sparkling glow and remarkable durability Pottle 

    It also insures mess-free mix every time, easy clean-up, and reuse.

  • Pottle is also very durable and has been appreciated by critics all over the world



How to use Pottle and get the beautiful effect of gel polish?

  • First of all, purchase it if you still haven’t. You won’t be sorry and you will be surprised by its remarkable sustainability and durability.
  • Detach Pottle base and fill it half way with your favorite clear gel 
  • Add your nail polish color into the Pottle by small increments until you've found your hue and mix well
  • Add mixing marbles, close your Pottle and give it a shake.
  • Cure each layer under a LED or a UV lamp Minimal 36watt
  • Apply Luster Clean Cure Gel Top Coat to finish


Avoid old techniques that waste time and product.

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