Our Story

Today's nail and beauty scene is so much more than just a manicure. It's about individuality, fun and the perfect way to express yourself. After 16 years of working with celebrities in Hollywood, I've decided to share what I've learned with you.
We both know it doesn't matter how many nail colors we have, clients still look for the "perfect color" that you may not have.  I was faced with this dilemma more times than I care to remember. Now you can simply mix nail colors you own instead of spending a ton of money at the nail supply store.
Even though Pottle started out as a way to refill builder gels, it has a broader purpose now... sustainability!
When we discuss nail care products, however, we should also consider the life cycle and environmental impacts of their packaging. Consolidating nail products and buying in bulk helps to nudge the nail industry to rethink how it operates and hopefully encourages you to demand change from your favorite nail brands.
Nettie Davis