Our Story

Hey I'm Nettie, I've been doing nails and mixing nail polish since I was 12. Raised in Houston, TX by the best mom in the world. I went to art school for fashion in Long Beach, CA but returned home at the behest of mom to attend Texas Southern University. 


College wasn't my cup of tea so I decided to drop out and go to beauty school. I was flying by the seat of my pants. "No one will hire you silly, you're BLACK" explained a cousin of mine. One day a cool lady from California strolled into my school and asked for all the American students and I was the only one. She was opening a new chic salon in Houston called The Upper Hand. Boom!!!! I had a job.... in yo face cousin!

After working there for about 6 years, I felt a pull towards California. "Here we go again" said mom. No time wasted, I learned so much there, like how to avoid leaving streaks in OPI's Bubble Bath... Lol! 

So, the journey began and of course I was terrified. I had no job but a ton of FAITH. I surfed Craigslist everyday until I found a movie set to work on. Oh yeah, I didn't move to LA to do nails, fashion was calling me back. I landed a position as a Costume Production Assistant and it was super hard and fast paced.

My hard work and dedication paid off. I made it into the union (705) after six months, it oftentimes takes others 3+ years to even be considered. After 3 years of production work, one night while working in the rain, I slipped and fell down a hill. Twisted my ankle in the worst way...ugh!

During my move, mom advised me to get my nail license in Cali just in case. I started picking up nail gigs while I healed up. In the process, I met this really cool chick, Kimmie Kyees, and others at a spa party. They told me about their salaries from doing set work. I was floored, I never knew there was such a job, so I gave it a try.

Well, fast forward 11 years and I realized, as a manicurist I had this problem. I couldn't mix nail polish or gel quickly while on set. Some would complain about the smell, so I had to develop a quick process. One night, I got home and was determined to fix this problem. I also needed a great builder gel in a bottle cause my current brands weren't working. I found a great gel in a pot, but it leaked in my kit. I spent 30 minutes trying to transfer builder gel to a bottle with a syringe and that was the last straw.

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It was time to take my idea from concept to completion. I decided to go to Lowe's to piece together my idea since I've always been a crafty girl. After gathering some supplies from Lowe's I went to JoAnn Fabrics for clay and cutting tools. Broke a polish bottle attach a top and voila!

Craigslist, crafts

Holy crap, it actually worked, but I can't use this in real life. The clay leaked so I needed a real pot. So I decided to teach myself computer aided design to make my pot. As an artist I got lost in the possibles of this product.

fusion 360, CAD, product design

I purchased a 3D printer so my weekends were filled with fun. Not all of my prints were successful but there was more to learn. I  needed a pot and middle cap to make my pottle. While tinkering I had fashioned something beautiful.

prototype, pottle, glass pot, product design

I thought, if I have this problem I'm sure I'm not the only one. Contacted all of my nail homies and took a poll. The results were unanimous, they all needed one. I froze for a sec, "I can't make a product, who's got the time?" I asked mom, She replied, "Do you believe in what you created?"

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Mom stated this could be a game changer so we hopped a plane to Shanghai. We toured some factories and saw the sights. What a long week that was! From there we had a few setbacks with dishonest manufacturers, but that didn't stop us.

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We assembled, we packed, we counted, and we still do lol.

Our vision for the company darkened during 2020, no work in Hollywood and no sales. We're just coming back and we're set to relaunch some new goodies this year.

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Keep in touch, we're just getting started. 

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We hope we've inspired you to stay the course on your journey as well.

Thank you!