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Customize beauty formulas without the mess.


Say hello to Pottle… the new 4pc easy-fill beauty blending tool.

There’s no one perfect brand, well... except this one, now can we take what we love from each, then customize to create the perfect color combination. Where can we store our polish to gel conversions or add pigment and glitter without making a mess? How many times must we mix our makeup or nail color combinations on foil or palettes? Having to clean up or throw away good product is the worst! Let’s live our best lives ... save money and cleanup time ... Pottle it!



It’s not a pot, its not a bottle…its a Pottle! The Pottle stands four inches tall and 1.8 inches wide. Our tall chrome full hand twist top guards against carpal tunnel. Interchangeable applicator aids sanitation and reformulations. Rugged and chic, our chrome rose gold Midi-cap embodies our signature niche. Pottle’s 4 inch glass crystal wand can blend your formula or smoothly apply face serums. Two copper mixing marbles swirl internally when given a good shake. Glass base holds 20 ml of any liquid material you choose. Tight seal and coated glass, Pottle protects against chemical decompositions like makeup oxidation and nail gel hardening. Reinforced and anti-corrosive, Pottle’s round base also rests comfortably in the palm of your hand.


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