Pottle Plazma Duo

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*All bundles come with a gift boxes and one nail file.

Try our iconic Pottles with built-in brush for an all in one application without the sticky mess! Create endless classy manicures with Clear Plazma Builder Gel (Traditional Hard Gel).

Brush on, expand, and sculpt nails as desired. Cure for 30 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV to keep it in place. Its light self-leveling properties assist in an effortless application.


  • The easiest and safest way to add length and strength to your natural nail
  • Has a thick formula that applies smoothly and evenly 
  • Works great for adhering nail art pieces/rhinestones
  • Similar to polygel but easier to use
  • Provides safer removal when applied over a soak off gel base coat 
  • Suitable for both beginners and more advanced users
  • Refillable and reuse with other gel brands


  • Properly prep nails for maximum gel adhesion.
  • Apply two coats to add strength to nails.
  • Buff and polish nails with gel after base is cured. Keep foundation on as a protective coating if you sport gel manicures often.


NOTE:Cure for 30 sec -1 minutes under UV lamp or cure for 30 seconds under a LED lamp. Keep closed when not in use. Do not store in sunlight. LED lamp not included! UV/LED Clear Gel - For Professional Use

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