Pottle Noir

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Pottles are a cost-effective way to repackage almost any nail polish products. They are lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily bring your custom nail polish to friends, family, or a nail technician. Save money and skip the maintanence of an original nail polish brand by repackaging it yourself in these simple glass containers. Pottles will preserve your customized colors when properly preserved, so you can use your new nail polish creation for as long as you want.

Holds 20ml!

Package includes: 1 Mixing Pottle

  • Tall chrome cap
  • Rose Gold Midicap 
  • Weighted glass base for light sensitive liquids
  • Two copper mixing marbles
  • 4 inch crystal wand for blending 
  • Extra Nail brush applicator 

 * Watch our YouTube tutorials for help.

*Patented and proven technology. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Teleisha Elliott
Great products

Haven’t used them but have used other yet but I know they are going to be fun!

Sara Golabi
My New toy

Love this product, my nail polish habit turned in a hack. I mix more polish now cause its fun .

Jennifer Fitting
Pottle Noir

This product is simply genius. I love my pottle. I mixed the most beautiful fall glitter with my builder gel. I am going to purchase another one for my DIL.

Sharla Joseph
Pottle Noir

Light and user friendly

Pottle Noir

I like to mix nail polishes. A lot. So I got this Pottle, which is basically a refillable nail polish bottle with a wide mouth. I always use little tiny saucers to mix my stuff, and my polish always dried faster than I could apply it. And I was limited to single-use mixes. I know they have empty bottles on Amazon, and I tried those but it’s fiddly trying to pour everything in and never mind trying to clean one…
I’ll start by saying this is suited for larger batches and/or gel mixing. I like to make single or double use small batches. Because I’m mixing 10-15$ nail polishes together and I’m not trying to waste them. Trying to get the brush to the bottom means you must remove the cap and the polish dries and negates the whole point of the pottle for me. Also the brush handle gets super messy this way. I won’t use the Pottle again unless I’m gonna make a large batch of something. So ultimately it was a miss for my purposes.
Also, make sure you’re done opening the main lid before you start shaking it around to mix, otherwise the underside of lid gets product all over it and it could get messy when taking the lid off and on.
But for larger batches, or cheap polishes and separate glitter, this thing would be awesome. I don’t do gel but I’ve watched a few videos and apparently this is awesome for gels.
I think I’ll buy some holo powder and try to make a full mix of topcoat. So this is gonna be perfect for that!
The wide mouth makes it super easy to clean. It comes with a swizzle stick and copper mixing balls, and the tub itself is glass. The lid and brush handle though are plastic. Personally I like the way it looks, but that’s subjective. Everything comes apart for easy cleaning, and just the brush stem pops out, too. So using the brush is optional as well.

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