Nettie Davis…manicurist!

Calling Los Angeles home for 15 years now. Creativity spills out over every thing that is beauty for her. Editorial manicurist for such companies as Target, Sephora, Walmart, Dior, and LeMer to name a few. She’s work with Hollywood’s elite for 10 years. She had this problem that wouldn't would budge, so she made something to help.

Passion lead to innovation.

While working with a celebrity client... she needed builder gels in bottles. Well unfortunately they didn’t stay on. Brand after brand bit the dust… she finally found a great gel but it was in a pot.. ahhhh... “I’m a mobile nail chick, I need to keep it neat!” she exclaimed. “Pots fall to the side and leak, bottles sit upright.” That’s when pottle was born... an easy-fill bottle to customize gels or liquids quick.


Don’t let good ideas pass you by, get to it.