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Nobody's. And having blood and a lot of people ask me, you know, what didn't I know about. I say, well, maybe because I wasn't

I was doing more of the beauty stuff. And he said, well, what's the difference between what's He said, that's funny. Um, and. Um, basically what I call my method. And Hollywood was. Um, in visible now, something that, you know, you extended and enhanced, but it was made to look natural. It was made to look like, um,

They didn't need me, like they, you know, how accurate. I'm naturally just, just amazing. And beautiful. But I was actually just sending enhancements cause we all need a little enhancements. So it's, we always start by, um, pushing, uh, the cuticle. Yes, And some of the gels coming up. Don't worry about

Um, this is personally. Editorial of me. I'm telling you the now to type knows that I did. And how I got them to look so clean and But basically of course, I always have some type of crazy. Um, cuticle than I have to dig out and put chilies and be like me. Don't dig it out. See. Stop my sentence. And it was an opportunity to show you guys to kind of, uh, sometimes you have to use.

Um, Your cuticle. Nipper to kind of, kind of be part of a pusher. So you use one side of it. As much as my boss to do here. Things, one side of it. To kind of angle and push down. Um, Uh, Your.

Um, And then you kind of PIP it in and cut it off. And you see that you kind of get in there and you kind of push you to one side to kind of. Angle in and push. And then you come in age. Just kind of sit

Good stuff. Anyway. So hopefully we're done with that.

Ru. And of course she makes sure everything else that you feel like you want it to get. They get and make Kidney and getting done. Um, yeah. Kind of get it and make it as clean as you can. And of course at the end, make sure you put some oil on Just in case, you know, you kind of go too It was just

Definitely possible. Uh, and my kid, I never actually used, um, uh, Um, Brand new nippers. Cause I was always afraid of cutting someone. So. Right here. I'm already paid my little mix. I thinned out some poly jail with some top coat. And because I wanted the strength of apologize, but I didn't want to have to use a form or anything.

Um, well, not, I like I'm old school, so I like to use. The separate form or no, the other ones are probably easier. But I have to kind of piling up and tapping in case the tablet, the nail as well. Um, Let's do this.

So, as you can see here, I'm trying to figure out where to put my J because I do want it to kind of fall behind. Hi the net a little bit. So it can kind of encapsulate the very tap.

So I'll hand around a little bit, and as you can see that subtitle. Base that's the great part about the paddle is you can use it as a pad. You can use it as a bottle. That's the really cool game changing product that I invented it. Um, but thank you for being here and follow my channel. I haven't followed.

Then hit subscribe. Hopefully that will drive me to make more videos because I'm. I'm spread thin over here. All right. So after I'm done. Hearing this. I'm popping up and yes, it looks like a little creature. Don't worry about that part.

And then we're going to see what we have I'm gonna say again. At the very end. And then you see how it kind of dealt with down a little bit. That's okay. So we're going to go And power a little bit more on the theory tip. And she can say. I've been trying to get everything level. Yes. You're like, this is why don't ya. It is upon a jail.

Physically made. My own builder jail out of the college of Cause, you know, I feel like I'm a little chemist. So.

That's right. And, you know, I love making nail products stretch because they're not cheap. Some of the scene. We're going to Powell a little bit on the top. That's right. And then we're gonna kinda, We're going to dance around a little bit. And get it to kind of self level. You see

Yay. See. Dragging it and a little bit to that to get it to meld into one shape. And so what we have before. All right. So now we cured it. And I, as you can I really like wiping her, like, you know, Before I gave them to my debris spreading violin. I love to Okay. Okay, so now. I asked him a school.

so. Going in a really taper than the sides. It's trying to be the best England I can. It's video. So across the top. And make sure the type is just slightly round, not flat. But run. Are they super squared nails. There's not a natural. The natural look. Yeah. Make it to the weight wearing terrible regular natural nails.

Always has. Full rounds.

That's the And natural now. To go through. You hit them. Foreigners.

A little bit. And then it's got

The shape has got to be absolutely.

So she couldn't The nails. And Hollywood like me. Definitely have to perfect this, uh, this technique. And also because, you know, You can can say they want A full set of natural nosy really? Or you show up, you don't really know what. You're going to get, right. It could be for a role if we don't, if you don't know what it's for. So you have to know how to do this style as well as the styles that they do.

And the NAS shops that have the long nails and rhinestones. Did extravagant.

Um, and the cheeks, they do all of this. So this is my sheet. So basically

And then as you can see. And it just is bluffing, press the tab. And Beverly. And really trying to get it to look. As natural as possible.

Really well and

It's completely flat. Like it's just coming out of their skin. But they supposedly what they have just naturally think. Beautiful helping else's you that way you think. So you said when the comments right. All right. So. Yep. Yeah. We'll run those plants and make them make them just slightly round.

Slightly round. We see that. Yeah. And then after we're done, basically just going to buy, but again, And now you're ready to paint. I hope you guys liked my little hub. We built the tutorial. Um, Any comments below about maybe anything that you would improve actually.

So go around the back and make sure that they're not too. Cause even though it's like, this can also be, um, Sometimes too sharp. So go through and bust out the back parts of it as And you're going to be You paint them. And I know, give people a test to ask them if they think that that's that's, the regular nails are not.

But, um, And make sure everything is smooth and slightly rounded. And it's a beautiful chic book for L's it's just a nice extension. I think. But anyway, I hope you guys like my technique. For a, you've seen Um, many times in commercials. I just didn't know it. But, um, Yeah, really. And those are amazing. Aren't they.

How they make you feel? It's nice. Anyway, I'm happy to subscribe after this tutorial. And, um, thanks for watching.

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